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Tag: texas


Syd Vicious the Collie Mix from Texas

My name is Syd Vicious and I’m a collie mix from Texas. I was named after the legendary rocker, but I’m no punk! My mom says I’m the sweetest dog you’ll ever meet. Before I came to live with my new family, I got caught in a tornado in Oklahoma. But I was rescued and brought to Texas by a local shelter. I love to cuddle and carry my “babies” around. I can also high five and give kisses on command.


Abby the Chihuahua Mix from Texas

Hi, my name is Abby. I’m a chihuahua/terrier mix from Texas. I have a sister named Sophie who’s a lot of fun, but sometimes she tries to start stuff with me and Mommy has to tell her to leave me alone. Mommy spoils me because I know how to turn on the charm. I’m a master at the “curled paws” technique. I’m just a little dog with a happy life.


Peanut the Corgi Mix from Texas

Hi, my name is Peanut. I’m a corgi/red heeler mix from north Texas. My favorite thing to do is hang out by the pool. But I get very upset when frogs get in! I have to chase them out! I also help Grandpa by licking the skimmer net clean. It’s very important to me that my pool be the nicest one in the neighborhood.


Bruno is a lab/basset hound/chow mix from Grapevine, Texas

Bruno is a lab/basset hound/chow mix from Grapevine, Texas. As you can see, he loves to play peek-a-boo with clothes. He also loves his Loofa toys (and who doesn’t?). Bruno is “the sweetest little boy,” says Mom. And we can tell!