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Tag: terrier mix


Hazel the Dalmatian Staffy Mix from Oregon

Hi, my name is Hazel. I’m a 13-year-old dalmatian/staffy mix from Portland, OR. My parents took me in when I was only 5 weeks old, and they were so protective of me that they made me sleep in their bed. I grew up to be 70 lbs., and I still insist on sleeping on the bed (they actually bought a bigger one to accommodate me). I am very smart and I always tilt my head when people are talking, trying to analyze what they’re saying. They call me the “People Whisperer”. I have my own, pet, too, a terrier mix named Oscar who I love very much. My favorite place to go is the beach. I’m so overjoyed when I get there, I bark with glee the whole time. For an old girl that’s beaten cancer and had her knees replaced, I think I look pretty good!


Toto the Corgi Terrier Mix from Pennsylvania

Hi, my name is Toto and I’m a 14-year-old terrier mix from Folcroft, PA. They said I was a corgi/poodle mix, but clearly there was something they missed. I’m smart and mischievous, not to mention extremely good-looking. I have tricked my family into believing that I’m senile. It’s their fault they’re too lazy to walk me and I have to walk myself down the street. If they have to chase me, so be it. When I choose to stay home, I am never far from the remote control so I can “accidentally” change the channel. I also know where they keep the candy.


Lola is a chihuahua/terrier mix from Baltimore, Maryland

Mommy found her in the middle of the road and gave her a loving home. And she turned out to be quite a character! Lola gets so excited about her food that she actually starts shaking. When she needs to go out, she runs and leaps to hit the doorknob. She also knows how to go upstairs to bed on command, but she insists on sleeping under the covers.


Gizmo is a chihuahua/papillon/terrier mix from Kalamazoo, Michigan

Mom says, “He’s the cutest mutt I’ve ever seen.” Everywhere he goes, he gets lots of attention for being so cute, and he loves it. He also enjoys antagonizing other dogs, attacking Mommy, and not listening. But he’s cute, so it’s okay.


Moxie the Chihuahua Mix from Alberta

My name is Moxie and I’m a chihuahua/terrier mix from St. Albert, Alberta, Canada. I have an inexplicable fringe of crazy, wiry hair going up my back that ends in a white mohawk on my head. Mommy tells people I’m a “toy hyena”. I came from a rescue organization, wearing a child’s sock as a sweater. I’ve come a long way since then. I have zero inhibitions and the will of a freight train. But I’m very friendly and I greet people with enthusiasm, even if it means chewing on them for a little while.