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Tag: north carolina


Herman is a lab/collie mix from Raleigh, North Carolina

He was adopted this year from the Wake County Animal Shelter and given a loving home. (It took him some time to adjust to the two cats that were there first.) Shortly after getting adopted, Herman got to go to a rubber duck race for charity, where he entered his very own duck. Herman has a lot of energy and is an all-around great dog. His dad couldn’t love him more.


Lucy is a boxer mix from Charlotte, North Carolina.

She was found tied to a tree with no food or water and taken in by a local rescue group, where Mommy adopted her. She loves to ride in the car with her head out the sunroof. Lucy also enjoys “accidentally” locking Mommy out of the house by flipping the deadbolt, and antagonizing her brother the cat.


Colby the Boxer Mix from North Carolina

Hi, my name is Colby and I’m a boxer/Great Dane Mix from Raleigh, NC. A nice police officer found me, my mom, and my siblings on the side of the road. I was the runt of the litter, but I turned out to be the biggest (and most handsome)! My favorite things are licking peanut butter out of my kong toy, getting belly rubs, and leaning all my weight on people and furniture, usually to the point of knocking them over. And I got to do a very special job not too long ago. Daddy made me the bearer of Mommy’s engagement ring!