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Snickers is a one-year-old collie shephards mix from Poughkeepsie, New York.

She was rescued by a shelter in 2005. As a puppy she had a very bad respiratory infection, but was nursed back to health by the vet. Snickers enjoys sleepovers at Grandma’s, playing with her cousins, and watching televised sports. She also answers to “Ma”.

Here I am as a puppy. I look really different than I do now! When I first came home from the shelter, everyone thought I was mostly shepherd.


Ginger is a lab/chow mix from New Rochelle, New York

She was adopted from the Yonkers Animal Shelter. Her favorite pastimes are napping on the bed, burying rawhides in the backyard, and going for long walks in the woods. She also steals food from her family’s plates and has an affinity for coffee. Not only that, Ginger taught herself how to open the refrigerator and regularly helps herself to leftovers.


Neville the Chihuahua Mix from New York

Hi, my name is Neville and I’m an 11-year-old mutt from Brooklyn, NY. The general consensus is that I’m a mix of chihuahua, corgi, and husky. My legs are only 4 inches long, but I’m an avid hiker. My parents take me upstate to explore the mountain trails all the time. Athletic though I may be, I don’t like walking on hot pavement in the summer, so I travel in Mom’s bicycle basket. I tend to be reserved around strangers, but once I warm up, my oversize personality is barely contained by my little body.


Lennox the Boxer Mix from New York State

Hi! My name is Lennox and I’m a boxer/pit mix from Buffalo, NY. I love fetching, whether it’s toys, bones, rocks, snowballs…I’m not picky. I also love the hose (but not if it’s being used for a bath!) I’m lucky that I enjoy the snow, because we get tons of it in Buffalo. I wouldn’t dream of living anywhere else, though, because I live for Buffalo Sabres hockey…just like Mom and Dad!


Ukie the Shepherd/Boxer Mix from New York State

Hi there! My name is Ukie and I’m a shepherd/boxer mix from Rochester, NY. I was conceived when a shepherd (my mom) that my human parents brought home from a shelter mated with their boxer (my dad). They were planning to have Mom spayed, but they didn’t move fast enough. They were great humans, though, and they kept all 6 of us littermates. But sadly, the nice people died and I bounced from home to home for awhile. Now I’m 9 years old and I just moved to my new forever home last week! I’m so happy!