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Tag: my family


Baby the Corgi dachshund Mix from Florida

My name is Baby and I’m a 13-year-old corgi/dachshund mix from Florida. I am stubborn and I huff when I’m asked to do something I don’t want to do. My family nicknamed me “Tripper” because I’m always getting in the way. I get in front of people and then just sit down in the middle of where they’re walking. But I’m very loving and cuddly. I like to sit on laps and give hugs. I also love to play with my sister Hollie and chase the squirrels in the yard.


Milly the Jack Russell corgi Mix from Australia

G’day folks, my name is Milly. I’m a Jack Russell/corgi mix (some say “jorgi”) from Adelaide, South Australia. My family adopted me from the Sandy Creek Dog Sanctuary when I was six months old. I’ve been to my non-furry sister’s school many times for Show and Tell and like to wait for her at the gate after school. Before she arrives I usually get lots of pats and chats from the rest of the kids on their way home and sometimes I even get to race them across the school oval. Nobody beats me though – not even other dogs. If I’m not running, I’m normally flopped out on my beanbag under Mum’s desk while she makes little tapping noises and slurps coffee at a table that I can’t see the top of. Every now and then she stops to rub my tummy and ruffle my ears and tells me that I’m her best friend. When not running or being the world’s quietest secretary I love chewing big chunks of wood (Dad reckons I’m a furry mulching machine), delicately nibbling grapes than hang low enough for me to reach and giving our three chickens a good sniff.


Dudley the Shepherd Mix from Maine

My name is Dudley and I’m a shepherd/collie/golden retriever mix from Maine. I live on a lake, which is so much fun! I like to swim and go boating a lot. My family says I’m spoiled rotten, which is so not true. If they really loved me they’d get rid of the cats.


Toppers the Collie Mix from Ohio

My name is Toppers, or Toppie for short, and I’m a border collie mix from Worthington, OH. I came from a place called Buckeye Border Collie Rescue. My family had already adopted my brother Sneakers, and they decided to come back for me. I was so happy! Before I got rescued, I worked in a prison, but they fired me. I tried not to take it personally. I’m shy and gentle by nature. I love to snuggle my stuffed toys and take long walks. My brother is very outgoing and eager to meet new people, while I prefer to hang back behind Mommy’s legs. I wasn’t cut out for prison life.


Cole the Boxer Mix

Hi, my name is Cole and I’m a boxer/Great Dane mix. My family inherited me from a relative who didn’t have the time for such a flamboyant, playful buddy. I love to play with all the neighborhood cats. And when they’re not around, my favorite things are my dad and my old tire. If you throw me the old tire, I will happily bring it back, slobber included.