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Tag: mommy and daddy


Sierra the Dachshund Mix from Ontario

Hi, I’m Sierra the dachshund mix from Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. Mommy and Daddy had talked about getting a dog, but decided they weren’t ready. Then Mommy met me at my foster house and just had to take me home! I am very good at getting what I want. I put my face on my paws and make my eyes all big and sad. And whenever Mommy straightens up and puts my toys in the basket, I follow right behind and take them out to play again. The only ones who can outsmart me are the cats. They corner me and I’m afraid to move past them!


Bowie the Terrier Dachshund Mix from New Mexico

Hi, my name is Bowie and I’m a terrier/dachshund mix from Albuquerque. Mommy and Daddy already had 3 other dogs when I came along. They went to PetSmart to buy one of the other dogs a birthday present, and there I was, up for adoption. Mommy fell in love with me right away because of my wiry hair and my one blue eye. They call me their “patchwork dog” because I’m so unique-looking. My fur is very adaptable, and Daddy likes to give me makeovers. I’m pretty patient with him, but I’d rather play with my toys.


Otis the Corgi Shepherd Mix from California

My name is Otis. Otis the Dog. I’m a corgi/shepherd mix from San Diego. I came from the local Humane Society. I love going to the dog park and meeting new friends. I also love to chew my toys into dime-sized pieces (Daddy is still trying to find one I can’t destroy). I get along great with my older sister, and all around I’m a great little dog. Mommy and Daddy appreciate that I’m not a “morning person”, so they get to sleep in on the weekends.


Lucy the Collie Mix from Nebraska

Hi! My name is Lucy and I’m a collie/shepherd mix from the Lincoln, NE area. I have a brother and two sisters, and we have a lot of fun playing together. I’m the smartest one, though. I’m really good at stealing food off the counter (including whole pizzas) and I can open soda bottles. When I was really little, I had Parvo and I almost didn’t make it. Mommy and Daddy kept me on a heating pad a lot, and they think that’s why I love to cuddle so much now. I’m a 60-pound lap dog. But they love me!


Sandy the Sheltie Mix from Nebraska

Hi, my name is Sandy and I’m a sheltie mix from Lincoln, NE. You’ve already met my sisters Lucy and Molly and my brother Toby. I was the first one our parents adopted, though! I was found as a stray when I was about a year old. I ended up at the pound, and that’s where I met my new mommy and daddy. Since then, they’ve adopted the other three dogs, but I’m the princess. I love getting groomed and wearing clothes, and I hate getting my feet wet. My favorite thing to do is chase squirrels and birds–I’ve caught two birds in the air!