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Tag: lots of fun


Leah is a husky/chow mix from Gainesville, Florida

She is one of our treasured “senior” luvmutts. Leah was found on the street and taken in by a local rescue organization. She is loving and devoted, and her favorite things are walks, cuddling, and getting brushed. Mom says, “She’s a great testament to the beauty and sweetness of shelter dogs, and how even a 9-year-old arthritic girl can find a new life and lots of fun!”


Dancer the Boxer Mix Puppy from Arizona

Hello, my name is Dancer, and I am a boxer/whippet mix. I live in Phoenix, AZ. I was found in a neighbor’s backyard. After nobody claimed me, my new owner fell in love with me (can you blame her?) and I love her very much for giving me a new home. I love to run in her big backyard. I am faster than a speeding bullet! When I go out walking, everyone admires me and thinks I am so pretty! I love my extended family and I like it when they visit. I can pull one of the young boys on his RIP board around the block. I have two close dog friends, Joey and Fenway. They come over to play with me, and sometimes I go to their house. We have lots of fun. My closest friend lives in California with my owner’s daughter, and I hope to go visit her this summer and see the ocean for the first time!


Nikki the Bichon Mix from California

My name is Nikki and I’m a bichon/cocker spaniel mix from Poway, CA. When my mommy came to pick me up, I got carsick in her Mazda. So…she bought me my own car. It’s a PT Cruiser with my name and picture airbrushed on the back. Mommy and I have lots of fun going to car shows all over the western U.S. I was featured in Cruiser Quarterly Magazine, and I’ve even been in a few parades! Mommy brings me everywhere and I get lots of attention. If only I could get a drivers license!