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Tag: little dog


Otis the Corgi Shepherd Mix from California

My name is Otis. Otis the Dog. I’m a corgi/shepherd mix from San Diego. I came from the local Humane Society. I love going to the dog park and meeting new friends. I also love to chew my toys into dime-sized pieces (Daddy is still trying to find one I can’t destroy). I get along great with my older sister, and all around I’m a great little dog. Mommy and Daddy appreciate that I’m not a “morning person”, so they get to sleep in on the weekends.


Abby the Chihuahua Mix from Texas

Hi, my name is Abby. I’m a chihuahua/terrier mix from Texas. I have a sister named Sophie who’s a lot of fun, but sometimes she tries to start stuff with me and Mommy has to tell her to leave me alone. Mommy spoils me because I know how to turn on the charm. I’m a master at the “curled paws” technique. I’m just a little dog with a happy life.