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Tag: humane society


Otis the Corgi Shepherd Mix from California

My name is Otis. Otis the Dog. I’m a corgi/shepherd mix from San Diego. I came from the local Humane Society. I love going to the dog park and meeting new friends. I also love to chew my toys into dime-sized pieces (Daddy is still trying to find one I can’t destroy). I get along great with my older sister, and all around I’m a great little dog. Mommy and Daddy appreciate that I’m not a “morning person”, so they get to sleep in on the weekends.


Tilly is a collie/chow mix from Saint Louis, Missouri

Tilly (short for Matilda) is a 5-month-old collie/chow mix from Saint Louis, Missouri. She was adopted from the Humane Society center at the local mall. Tilly loves her brother the cat and tries to make the same sounds that he does. She also pounces on her toys the way he does.


Max the Chihuahua Mix from Florida

Hi, name is Max. I’m a chihuahua mix from Destin, FL. I was adopted from the North Okaloosa Humane Society (NOAH). I may be small, but I’m a calculated hunter. I practice on unsuspecting toys, and then I head outside to stalk the frogs and lizards. Slippery little fellas! Sometimes, my family takes me in the car to hunt big game: ducks. I chase them in the pond. I think they enjoy it.


Sister the Cattle Dog Mix from Arizona

Howdy! My name is Sister and I’m a cattle dog mix from Tucson, AZ. I was adopted from the Tucson Humane Society when I was just under a year old. My all-time favorite thing to do is chase a ball, but sometimes I catch frisbees, too. I weigh 18 lbs. and can jump really high. When Daddy comes home, I jump into his arms.


Dottie is a cattle dog/beagle mix from Toledo, Ohio

Dottie is a cattle dog/beagle mix from Toledo, Ohio. She was rescued from an abusive home by the Humane Society, where she chose her new family by climbing into Mommy’s lap. She loves other dogs and cats and lives for hugs and cuddles. Unfortunately Dottie broke her foot this past July and is still hobbling around in a cast. But she still loves to run and gets the “zoomies” when she’s excited. Get well soon, Dottie!