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Tag: good boy


Steve the Dalmation Mix from Arizona

My name is Steve. Steve the Dog. I’m a dalmatian/collie mix from Arizona. My mom and dad were on their way to see a friend’s dog compete in a dog show. They walked through the park and noticed a local shelter having an adoption day. They went into the trailer with no intention of getting a dog, but there I was. They took me for a “test walk” around the park and I was such a good boy that they had to take me home. They never made it to that dog show.


Rocky the Cattle Dog Mix from Maryland

Hey there! My name is Rocky. They call me “Da Boy.” I’m a blue heeler mixed with a little bit of everything. I was born outside Austin, TX but my owners didn’t take good care of me. My new mom snatched me up and moved me to Clear Spring, MD. I’m a “freak of nature”, as they say, because I’m a 104 lbs. with tiny ears and front legs that are shorter than my back legs. But I am a good boy, and very smart! I live at the foot of a mountain and I like to keep watch from the porch.


Bocephus the Lab Mix from Mississppi

My name is Bocephus and I’m a lab mix from Mississippi. I’m also mixed with shepherd and akita on my Mom’s side. Some friends of the family had two dogs that (oops) made some babies. And here I am! I’m still a puppy, but I’m the biggest puppy ever. I follow my Mommy everywhere she goes. My favorite thing to do is play tug-of-war with sticks. I’m a good boy and my family loves me very much.