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Tag: florida


Baby the Corgi dachshund Mix from Florida

My name is Baby and I’m a 13-year-old corgi/dachshund mix from Florida. I am stubborn and I huff when I’m asked to do something I don’t want to do. My family nicknamed me “Tripper” because I’m always getting in the way. I get in front of people and then just sit down in the middle of where they’re walking. But I’m very loving and cuddly. I like to sit on laps and give hugs. I also love to play with my sister Hollie and chase the squirrels in the yard.


Chuck is a boxer/great dane mix from Orlando, Florida

He was adopted from the local SPCA. He loves riding in the car, eating peanut butter, and chasing lizards. He’s also a big face licker. His full name is Chuck Norris.


Hanabi the Boxer Mix from Florida

My name is Hanabi, which is Japanese for fireworks. I’m a boxer/pointer mix from Auburndale, Florida. My middle name is Jessica after Jessica Simpson because she’s smart like me. Mommy says God loves me because I’m pretty.


Benji the Bichon Mix from Florida

My name is Benji and I’m a bichon/chihuahua mix puppy from Apopka, FL. Mommy found me on Craigslist and I  am her pride and joy. She says I’m just like a little person. I love to hop into my bed when it’s time for a nap. I may be small, but in my mind I’m ten feet tall.