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Tag: dog


Pearl the Dalmatian Mix from Tennessee

Hi, my name is Pearl. I’m a dalmatian mix puppy from Tennessee. Daddy was looking for a new dog online and he fell in love with my picture. I am a really nice dog, but I’m shy around kids. They run around a lot and I try to stay out of their way! I don’t mind strangers, though, as long as they pet me! I’m just a big lap dog.


Mitzi is a terrier mix from Melbourne, Australia

She is going on 10 years old and is very tolerant of her little kitten brother who attacks her in her sleep. Mitzi has lots of doggy friends that she plays with but can get grumpy with some dogs she doesn’t know. She has a big personality and loves playing ball.


Sister the Cattle Dog Mix from Arizona

Howdy! My name is Sister and I’m a cattle dog mix from Tucson, AZ. I was adopted from the Tucson Humane Society when I was just under a year old. My all-time favorite thing to do is chase a ball, but sometimes I catch frisbees, too. I weigh 18 lbs. and can jump really high. When Daddy comes home, I jump into his arms.


Dazey the Cattle Dog Mix from Tennessee

Hi! My name is Dazey and I’m a cattle dog mix from Greenbriar, TN. I’m a very smart girl. I learned “sit” and “lie down” really quick. I follow my Mommy everywhere, and sometimes she trips over me! It’s okay that I get in the way sometimes because I’m extra helpful around the house. I clean the floor under the baby’s highchair until it’s spotless.


Paisley the Boxer Mix from Maryland

My name is Paisley and I’m a boxer/pitbull mix from Thurmont, MD. I just got rescued last month by my new dad. I was really overweight, but I’ve already lost 20 lbs. I’m a very quiet, mellow dog (when Daddy’s around) and I love people and dogs alike. But not cats. Cats are for eating!