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Tag: dachshund mix


Sierra the Dachshund Mix from Ontario

Hi, I’m Sierra the dachshund mix from Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. Mommy and Daddy had talked about getting a dog, but decided they weren’t ready. Then Mommy met me at my foster house and just had to take me home! I am very good at getting what I want. I put my face on my paws and make my eyes all big and sad. And whenever Mommy straightens up and puts my toys in the basket, I follow right behind and take them out to play again. The only ones who can outsmart me are the cats. They corner me and I’m afraid to move past them!


Mickey the Dachshund Mix

My name is Mickey and I’m a 14-years-young dachshund mix. I’m sweet and loving, but I have a tendency to eat everything in sight, including Mommy’s panty hose. I love my mommy so much, and I’m happy just being near her. She tries to take me everywhere she goes.


Savvee the Dachshund Mix from California

Ahoy! Today is Talk Like a Pirate Day. My name is Savvee and I’m a dachshund/beagle mix from Orange County, CA. My parents are big  Pirates of the Caribbean fans, so that’s where I got my name (Captain Jack Sparrow likes to say “savvy”). When I first came home, I was 8 weeks old and didn’t do much besides sniff around. Now my favorite thing to do is go to the playground! I run all over the jungle gyms and I even go down the slide. My adventurous spirit fits my pirate name really well!