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Tag: county animal shelter


Herman is a lab/collie mix from Raleigh, North Carolina

He was adopted this year from the Wake County Animal Shelter and given a loving home. (It took him some time to adjust to the two cats that were there first.) Shortly after getting adopted, Herman got to go to a rubber duck race for charity, where he entered his very own duck. Herman has a lot of energy and is an all-around great dog. His dad couldn’t love him more.


Lexy is an American bulldog mix from High Springs, Florida

She was adopted from the Alachua County Animal Shelter “because she was absolutely irresistible.” She is very sweet and playful and loves attention. Her favorite toys are random sticks she finds in the yard, and since she lives on a five-acre lot, she spends most of her time running around with a large stick in her mouth. Lexy also likes to annoy the cat, even though she secretly loves her.


Hanna the Bernese Mountain Dog Mix from Pennsylvania

My name is Hanna and I’m a bernese mountain dog/lab mix from Hershey, PA (too bad I can’t have chocolate, huh?) I was adopted from the Ohio County Animal Shelter in a remote part of West Virgina. The people there were very good to me and they worked very hard to find me a family. My name at the shelter was 036-123, but my new mom thought I looked more like a Hanna. She always says, “The best dogs come from shelters!” and I think I’m proof of that.