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Tag: collie


Snickers is a one-year-old collie shephards mix from Poughkeepsie, New York.

She was rescued by a shelter in 2005. As a puppy she had a very bad respiratory infection, but was nursed back to health by the vet. Snickers enjoys sleepovers at Grandma’s, playing with her cousins, and watching televised sports. She also answers to “Ma”.

Here I am as a puppy. I look really different than I do now! When I first came home from the shelter, everyone thought I was mostly shepherd.


Jennifer is a collie mix from Brodheadsville, Pennsylvania

She was adopted from the Waggin’ Tails shelter by a mommy who fell in love with her at first sight. In the beginning she was afraid of people but now she pretty much runs the house. Jennifer is with her mommy at all times and even sleeps right next to her.


Kiera is a collie mix from Winnipeg, Canada

She was adopted from a no-kill shelter, and on the cold car ride home, she wormed her way inside her mommy’s coat to stay warm. Kiera is both very smart and very active. She competes on a flyball team and does agility and disc competitions. In Kiera’s world there are three types of people: those who love her, those who don’t yet know they love her, and the mailman.


Snoopy is a collie mix from Martinsburg, Pennsylvania

Snoopy is a collie mix from Martinsburg, Pennsylvania. He was offered up as a “freebie” by a local farm and adopted by his family. Snoopy loves running full speed around the yard, playing with his toys, and chasing birds. Mom says, “I swear he has a sense of humor because he is always doing something to make us laugh out loud!”


Jasmine is a lab/border collie mix from Goleta, California

She was rescued from a shelter as a puppy, and has been causing trouble ever since. She loves playing soccer and swimming in the ocean. She is a very quick learner and knows lots of tricks. Jasmine can “talk” and actually says “Mama” very clearly! She is a constant source of amusement, and her family feels very lucky to have her.