Tucker is a Boston terrier/pitbull mix from New York, New York

He met his family in the summer of 2002 when they rescued him from a shelter. He was a skinny little 6-month-old puppy and was suffering from mange. Even though it was clear he’d been through a lot, his love for people shined through. From the moment his family brought him home he has brightened their lives. He’s spunky, loyal and sweet as can be. His favorite past-times these days are playing with his siblings, Zeus and Junie, taking naps in front of the fireplace (and staring into the fire, pondering deep thoughts, for sure) and sitting on his mommy’s lap. He’s a dog with a hundred different facial expressions and each one will make you smile. Tucker’s Mommy says, “Hope you enjoy his photos as much as we enjoy having him in our lives.”