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Tag: bichon


Kirby is a senior bichon/maltese mix from Fairfax, Virginia

He will be 14 years old next month. He’s very smart and always knows what’s going on. He loves squeaky toys, playing fetch and running with his ears flapping. Mom says, “Kirby’s slowed down some with age, but still manages to guard the house and appear whenever chicken is being sliced.”


Floyd the Bichon Mix from New York

My name is Floyd and I’m a bichon/poodle mix from New York City. My previous owner brought me to the pound because she thought I slept too much. The nerve! I do sleep a lot, but I’m also charming and affectionate. I love puppies and kitties and sunshine and…Zzzzzzzzzzzz.


Benji the Bichon Mix from Florida

My name is Benji and I’m a bichon/chihuahua mix puppy from Apopka, FL. Mommy found me on Craigslist and I  am her pride and joy. She says I’m just like a little person. I love to hop into my bed when it’s time for a nap. I may be small, but in my mind I’m ten feet tall.