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Tag: atlanta pet rescue


Becks is a retriever/dachsund mix from Atlanta, Georgia

He was adopted from Atlanta Pet Rescue. He is very clumsy and frequently falls off the couch while rolling over for a tummy rub. Becks loves to play fetch but gets so excited to play with whatever toy he’s fetching that he ends up smacking himself in the mouth with his paws.


Helen the Lab Dachshund Mix from Georgia

Hi! My name is Helen and I’m a lab/dachshund mix looking for my forever home. I’m currently in Atlanta, GA courtesy of Atlanta Pet Rescue. I am about a year old and I have a super shiny black coat that I get a lot of compliments on. I look like a lab, but I have short little legs like a dachshund. I am very loving and affectionate and I’m extremely well-behaved. If you know someone who might want to take me home, please contact Atlanta Pet Rescue.

**Update: Helen has found her forever home!**


Angel the Chihuahua Mix from Georgia

My name is Angel and this is my daughter, Mae. We’re chihuahua/dachshund mixes from Atlanta, GA who are looking for a good home where we can stay together. I’m very low maintenance – the occasional belly rub is all I need. If someone gives me a treat, I give it right to my daughter. Mae has more energy than I do and she loves to cuddle on people’s laps. If you or someone you know might be interested in adopting us, visit the Atlanta Pet Rescue website. We’re good girls.