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Joseph asks…

My dog is pregnant! Help!!!?

So, I have a 2 year old basset hound and she is familiar with whelping. Last time, she had basset hound and cocker spaniel mix puppies. She had 5 but I sadly died but, either way, all like their daddy, they had brown eye-brows, brown paws, brown muzzle and etc. of the daddy but only one was like our basset hound, Booger. This time, our brother moved in and brought his UNETURED pitbull and you probably know whatmy point is… lol! But they got… “stuck” and her backwas hutched which the vet said, she will be pregnant if her back was hutched. Then, when they got untangled, she got outside and no-one knew where she was and she got to my UNETURED cocker spaniel! (Yes, we got them nuetered and we are getting her spayed when she stops producing milk.) Now, she has all the signs of being pregnant, Her belly is HUGE, her boobs are dragging down to the ground, her nipples are hardening, but she hasn’t started lacktating. (excuse me, I don’t know how to spell that) She was breed on January 11, so here’s my question…
1. What time will you think she’ll start lacktating?
2. Do you personly think she’s pregant?
3. Will the puppies come out like, one group of puppies that look mostly like pitbull, one group on basset and one group of cocker spaniel?
4. When will she give birth?
5. Do you guys know any places where I can take the puppies to get their shots for cheap near plano or dallas Texas. (This was an accident, we wern’t planning to breed them!)
6. We ARE for sure gonna get them special care they need including shots, tags, vet appontments just to let yall know!
Please no hating, I’m looking for answers, not un-called names or rudness. I apologize for my horrible grammer. Thank you and god bless.
Thank you whatever your name is. And for your information, I’m not a hillbilly Thank you very much!

Sarah Jones answers:

Have her spayed/aborted on Monday. Thank you and God Bless.

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