Your Questions About Yorkie Shih Tzu Mix Temperaments

Steven asks…

would a rottie/ lab mix be a good family dog?

I am considering getting a puppy. It is a black lab mixed with rottweiler. I was wondering if you knew what its temperament/behavior may be like.

and any tips about how to raise one would help too.

this is what my family is like/ needs
~we need a large dog because my brother is autistic and he needs a dog that if he gets mad at it he cant pick up and possibly throw (he very RARLEY gets violent)
~we need a dog that will not push my brother around (he is just getting over his fear of dogs after he tried to push my grandpas toy poodle mix around and it attacked him)
~a dog that is not too lazy
~our family is- 1 mom (and one dad that often visits), a 14 year old girl, a 12 year old girl and a 10 year old autistic boy
~we have one cat that lives outside
~we might be getting a kitten
~there are LOTS of cats in our naborhood
~we offten visit our relitives who own
– a yorkshire terrier
– a chiuawa
– a shih tzu
– a toy poodle mix
they are all fixed exept for the yorkie and the chiuawa, and the chiuwawa is to old to breed anyways
~ we live in a house with a lare yard (2 lots)
~we live very close to the park and a dog park
~we used to have a golden retriever who was perfect and who we loved so we are not geting any more golden retreivers because its to painful to look at another golden retriever let alone own one
so a lab is the closest thing!

Sarah Jones answers:

Yeah that should be a great dog…sorry about your brother….but yeah mine is a pit/lab as he’s not aggressive but they need alot of exercise….and he might eat alot….he has a lot of space…and dogs dont really chase cats…..they’ll just bark…it was made up like elephants are scared of mice…really a myth..
hope i help i love doggies

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