Your Questions About West Highland White Terrier Mix

Mark asks…

Convince my parents to let me get a new pet?

Okay so I want to get a west highland white terrier and I alredy have a doxion mix…my dog gets lonly and doesn’t eat when we aren’t around and I’m not always there to play …how can I convince my parents to get a new dog?

I was thinking about cleaning the entire house on a sat morn when my parents aren’t around and when they get home and rest sit them down and have a serious talk… Maybe I can name the pros and cons and they can say the. Cons they can think of and try change there mnds ..thanx for ur help

Sarah Jones answers:

You can write a persuasive essay! It worked THREE TIMES for me! They work wonders! Your parent(s) will be so thrilled and surprised that you actually took time to write the essay and they will know that you really want the dog. Good luck!

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