Your Questions About Weimaraner Temperament

Donna asks…

When I’m older and I get dogs I want a weimaraner, a golden retriever, and a chocolate lab.?

Has anyone had expirience with all of these dogs or some of them, do they have a good temperament, are they playful?, I love playful dogs ones that want to fetch and run around.

Sarah Jones answers:

All of those dogs are very playful. The Weimaraner and Golden Retriever have very pleasant dispositions. The Chocolate Lab, or any Lab, can be overly energetic and difficult to control. They require a lot of training and control. Weimaraners are excellent dogs but may not always be good with kids. My experience with them is that they are somewhat aloof dogs – it seems like they have a shattered thought process. For example, when you throw a ball, they may chase it consistently but suddenly decide to smell a bush before randomly darting back after the ball. They are very funny dogs and are very affectionate. Golden Retrievers tend to be one extreme or the other – some are super-playful and some are super-affectionate. If you want a playful dog, when checking out various puppies, look for one that wants to chase you hand and play. They do shed a lot and need a lot of brushing, so just be aware of that. Chocolate Labs tend to be very high strung and will certainly be playful but I have known some to be so wild that they run through electric fences and even jump over four feet fences! If you decide to get a lab, be sure that you have it adequately trained and let it age a bit (out of the puppy stage) before you introduce a play mate as this will usually make it more difficult to control them.

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