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Laura asks…

my 5 month old dog pees only in the house.?

we just got our dog about a week ago, the people we got her from said that she was potty trained and that she would go to the front door to let you know that she had to go, but that isn’t the case. she could be outside the whole time and the only place she would pee/ poo is in the house. also when she pees it’s a lot of pee since she’s a big dog. husky/pitbull mix. so how can i get her to pee and poo outside. also a few nights ago i told my husband to take her outside that i knew she was gonna go, so he stood outside with her for about 10-15min then he came inside and told me she didn’t do anything i’m not gonna be out there any longer, well what happen, when he came inside with her, she went to her favorite spot and took a huge pee. i told him told you so. i even have to tell my children and everyone to keep the doors to the rooms close since there is carpet in the rooms. so what can we do to potty train her to go outside and poo outside and why does she keep peeing inside the house? thanks for reading and please no mean answers.

Sarah Jones answers:

Sounds like the previous owner let her go to a new home because of the same issue. Unable to house train her.
Take the poo and put it in the yard where you want the dog to potty. Also take a paper towel and sop up the pee, place it in the yard with a rock on it. When she goes outside after that, she will smell where that poo and pee are and think that is where she is supposed to go again. Change her habbits. Keep her in a crate or penned area in the house until her routine has changed. Hope that helps.

Daniel asks…

What kind of dog should I get?

Right now I have a medium sized german shepherd/cattle dog mix & a large sized pitbull/husky/lab/border collie mix. I’m thinking it’s time for me to get a small or mediumish size dog. But I hate yappy dogs and the little dogs that like to be held. So are there any smaller size dogs that don’t bark alot nip or want to be held a lot? And I don’t wanted to get bitched at because I believe in treating small dogs like dogs and not babies.

Sarah Jones answers:

I think a beagle would fit your well 🙂 they are medium sized dogs and you don’t have to carry them around everywhere. I’m not a big fan of little dogs either (for me, its bigger the better). Beagles will adjust very quickly with your dogs and of course, you and your family. They are also active and playful 🙂

Sandy asks…

Dog names help please!?

I have a german shepherd collie mix he’s 6 month’s old and I can’t choose a name for him. I’m looking for hardcore rock names or anything that sounds tough. Just because of his personality he’s a big shot tough guy and always looking for trouble.
For example I’ll show you my other eight dog‘s names.
Pitbull mix – Copper
-Beagle – Stella
-Great Dane – Diesel
Pitbull/Husky– Diamond
-Leonberger – Rusty
-Saint Bernard – Chevy.
-Rough collie – Duramax.
-King Shepherd – Sage.

Here is a recent pic of him.
My friend has a pug named sammy so I don;t think it will work.
Zeus my cousin dog is name is Zeus and they have a dog named rocky so those two are out!

Sarah Jones answers:

He’s gorgeous! He looks like a purebred Collie. Apparently, dogs tend to respond better to names that are two symbols and end in an a,e,i,o,u, or y sound. Or you could choose a name from a movie you like or something like that, or a character that fits him. I love your other dog’s names! They’re awesome! What about a name like:
Kingsley (I got this name from a book, and the character’s personality sound like it may fit your dog)
Hope these help! Good Luck! 🙂

Carol asks…

Dog Separation Anxiety?

I have a 6 year old female Siberian Husky/Pitbull mix who suffers from severe separation anxiety. I have had her for a month and she is the sweetest, laziest dog when I am home. The first two weeks I left her in the house and she ate a router, the wall, the carpet, and other items. The next two weeks I put her in a metal crate and she tore the metal off (which hurt her nose and stabbed her leg) to create a hole to escape (over the course of a week), eaten the tray of the kennel, and escaped by maneuvering the front side of the cage open (not the door, the whole front) TWICE!! However, both times she escaped the cage, she did not chew anything.

I have tried leaving her for random amounts of time but she can’t seem to understand that I will be coming back every time I leave. She is only upset when I leave – I left her at my mom’s for an hour and my mom said she paced, panted, and whined while being very nervous the whole time. I have bought her rawhides and chew toys which she ignores. She ate all the peanut butter out of the Kong the first day but did not touch it the following days. I give her treats when she goes into the crate and when she does good in her crate while also giving treats with training (so she doesn’t associate the treats with my absence). I also put water in her cage because she drinks A LOT!

Suggestions PLEASE!

Sarah Jones answers:

Try the following, it’s a con trick and it works. This is a reply which I have copied because this is a regular question, unfortunately it refers to a male dog.

Try to do this when you are at home all day, or in the evening when you are there. After your dog has had a long walk, put him in a room with his comfortable bed, this should be a room where you will leave him if you need to go out and where your dog will sleep at night.
Walk out of the room and close the door. Open the door immediately and go back into his room, close the door behind you and try to ignore him. Pretend or actually do something which excludes your dog, for example if he is in the bathroom you could do a bit a cleaning for a couple of minutes. Then walk out of the room, go back again immediately and continue with the pretence. Keep doing this to ensure that your dog won’t feel isolated and eventually leave a small gap before you go into his room again. Over a period of days increase the gap before going back into his room. When you know that your dog is asleep stop going into the room, however you MUST try to go onto the room before he wakes up and starts to cry. If you carry out this procedure for a couple of days, your dog will always think that you are at the other side of the door. I do this when I get a new puppy and this PREVENTS separation anxiety.
Don’t neglect his long walks and playtime in the garden whilst you are re-training him, he needs his fun
When you are leaving your dog on his own please don’t make a dramatic exit, or this will give the game away. Simply put him into his room and walk out. When you come home don’t give him a big hello, just walk into his room and let him out for a pee. You can then play with him and give him cuddles.
Try to get a friend or a professional to take him out for pees and poos, if you need to leave him for any length of time..Dogs get bowel and bladder problems if they try to hold om all day.

Donald asks…

Why is my dog acting crazy?

My 1-year-old pup seems to be out of control (boxer, pitbull, husky lab mix??) He gets really aggressive sometimes out of nowhere… the trainer said to spray him in the butt with a water bottle to stop aggressiveness but it only makes it worse… He jumps and snaps and barks and growls at my face (NOT in a playing way..) i love him but i dont know what to do!!
he is neutered

Sarah Jones answers:

He’s so young, and sounds like he’s acting out, seeing what you will do. He might be bored, or needs alot of attention. Are you working on the basic commands with him (sit, stay, lay down, shake, etc.)? Pits and Boxers love to please, and will eagerly follow commands. I have a full blood American Pitbull Terrier, and he acts so much better when I give him commands and make him work for treats & toys. Neutering helps alot too. It’s like their brain needs stimulation and commands or else they get very bored and crazy.

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