Your Questions About Pitbull Boxer Brindle

Paul asks…

do i have a boxer/pitbull or a pitbull/boxer?

my dog has the face of a pitbull but the body of a brindle boxer

do you think he is going to take the side of the pitbull or boxer please help because he has the head of a pit does that mean he have the brain of a pitbull

i have a few question
1.is he going to be protective like a boxer or pitbull
2.is he going to be smart like a pitbull or boxer
3.is he going to be fast like a pitbull or boxer
4.would you guys rather have the face of a pitbull body boxer or a face boxer body of pitbull

Sarah Jones answers:

He will be protective as both breeds are. Both breeds are very smart. Both are very fast, this dog will need alot of exercise or he will get hyper and unhappy (possibly aggressive). It is not necessarily true that a mixed breed will have the worst qualities of both in fact a mixed breed often is healthier and smarter than many pure breeds. I love both of thses dogs so i would b happy with either combo!

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