Your Questions About Pekingese Lab Mix

Mary asks…

What’s some good info to know on Pekingese?

My friend has puppies, I have 2 more weeks before picking up the puppy. So is there anything I should know about Pekingese?

BTW I have a boxer/lab mix now she is 6 years old.
Plus I have 2 kids – 4 years old and 1 years old.
BTW where the dog is now (with momma and dadda) there is a 6 year old and a 1 year old living there.
The puppy will be 6 weeks old when I pick it up.

Sarah Jones answers:

Hi there,

Following are links to both the AKC’s and UKC’s websites which discusses the Pekingese breed in detail. It would be very good for you to read about the breed:


Also, I’ve attached a link to an article about the timing of picking up your puppy – this recommends picking up the new puppy between 7 and 12 weeks, and also discusses socialization and training.


I hope you find this information helpful. Best of luck to you and your new pup!


Followup in response to kch05’s comment:

While I have never owned a Pekingese and respect your comment, the AKC disagrees with you regarding their temperament. I think that early socialization with other dogs is absolutely KEY.

The AKC’s site states
“Pekingese possess a regal dignity, intelligence and self-importance, making them good natured, opinionated and affectionate family companions. Their small size makes them a good choice for apartment life, but they are sometimes difficult to housebreak. They are relatively inactive indoors and do not need a yard, but enjoy walks. Because of their long undercoats, Pekes need at least an hourly brushing session per week.”

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