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Laura asks…

a hard head lab that is a year old?

i can’t seem to get my lab mixer to listen to me to stop when she runs off

Sarah Jones answers:

Your dog is still considered a puppy. You have to be very careful when you let a dog off the leash!!! That is how a dog gets lost or hit by a car!!

You have to start out training a dog when it is a puppy as far as coming to you when it is let off a leash. I have a 3 1/2 month old Lab puppy. I only take her off the leash in a safe area where I can get her and not worry about cars or her getting away from me.

I have trained her to come back to me with treats. She knows that when she does come back she will get a treat!!
I have been doing this since I got her at 6 1/2 weeks old.

Labs are very smart and easily trained. The trainer has to have lots of patiences and time to spend with the dog!! Getting upset with the dog will not help anyone. This will only make the dog not want to come to you!!! It knows you are upset but doesn’t know why????

Just make sure when you are training your dog you do it in a safe place. Make sure it has all its tags on it. Your name, address and phone number.

Good Luck

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