Your Questions About Lab Dalmation Mix Puppies

Maria asks…

color variations or a mutt puppy?

as some of you may know, and for those that don’t, about 3 weeks ago a little lab mix puppy was dumped at my feet (metaphorically speaking) where i work. the lab i can see. but he’s fairly tall and leggy. has all his grown up teeth and his testicles have finally dropped (yes. he gets neutered next week). he’s about 35 lbs right now.
always a crap shoot with the mutts of course, but sure makes things easier for re-homing if i can at least have an idea.
he runs like a dalmation. and though a bit long, his ears are the general shape of a dalmation.
otherwise, he’s all black with a bit of white on his chest. so i’m wondering if a lab and dalmation were to mate, is it POSSIBLE to have an all black puppy?
the few mixes i’ve seen of this breeding always have had white on their feet, or tail etc etc…
my camera’s broken so i can’t post pics.
OOPS! my bad!
“ON” a mutt puppy…..
(not wearing my glasses)

Sarah Jones answers:

Dalmatians are white dogs who carry a T (ticking gene) or a variant there of. Black is dominant over white patterns, so the solid black color is going to be inherited as the phenotype (outside appearance)
The expression of white toes, tail tips and others, are expressions of the MITF spotting gene and if it isn’t present, the most white that will occur is the white spot on the chest.

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