Your Questions About Husky Lab Mix Puppies Georgia

Daniel asks…

My puppies hair is falling out!!! Help!!!?

Hes about 5 months. Hes a mix of German Shepherd, Husky, and Lab. I live in Georgia and I thought it was just heat spots. But it’s like thinning and falling out. Its not in big patches and it doesn’t have sores. What can I do? If the problem gets worse I’m definitely taking him to a vet but I was wondering if there was anything I could do at home first.

Sarah Jones answers:

It could most like be either demodectic or sarcoptic mange, maybe ringworm. Commonly demodex is common in younger dogs. It has to the with the less exposed immune system. Demodex kicks in when the dogs immune system has been compromised or the dog has been exposed to new or different situations. Demodex is not contagious, in fact every dog has demodex living in their hair follicles. Sarcoptes on the other hand is. Take your dog to the vet and have a skin scraping and a DTM, which is a ringworm culture . That should solve yer problem, good luck!

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