Your Questions About Husky And Chihuahua Mix

Carol asks…

Should I adopt this dog?

I went toodling around to the local animal shelter yesterday. There was a beautiful Husky female (1 year old or thereabouts) there who knew how to heel, sit, and shake paws. I instantly liked her; she was obedient, docile, and sweet. She comes up for adoption this Wednesday.

I wouldn’t have a problem feeding another dog, but I’ve never had a Husky before. I have chickens and horses, and I’m afraid she might end up chasing one or both. I already have a Great Pyr and a Pug/Chihuahua mix, and I’m not sure she and the Pyr would get along.

What do you think I should do? I really like the dog…
This is a small, podunk animal shelter, and I already asked the manager what he thought about the dog and chickens/horses. He didn’t have any input (typical hillbilly redneck), and she was a stray, so they have no info on her.

Sarah Jones answers:

OK you need to ask the personal in the shelter would this dog do well in environments with other animals, the shelter usually does a background check and should be able to tell you everything.

Its wonderful that you are choosing to adopt a give a dog a loving home. I hope you are able to get her. Good luck and Congrats.

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