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Daniel asks…

Ugliest dog contest 2008?

Its coming up next week! I always got a kick out of watching it on TV and might even cruise by the fair this weekend. I am looking at some of the photos. Some of the dogs don’t look very healthy. I am so happy that these dogs are able to go to loving homes, despite the fact they truly have a face that only a mother or a saint could love, right? But doesn’t it seem like some of these dogs are being exploited by the owners for the $1000 prize? Or do you think that contests like these encourage people to consider adopting a “less than cute” dog? I guess I am a little torn. What are some of your thoughts?

And just for sh*ts and giggles, who is your pick to win this year after flipping through the contestants? I’m going through them now…
I’m torn between Squiggy and Pee Wee Martini! I too, love the idea of the money going to a shelter. I wonder if any of them consider that?

Sarah Jones answers:

I’ll look at it in a second…

Some of the stories are great though, I watched it last year. They’re a little heartbreaking. So many rescued because they were unwanted due to health problems or whatever, so many emergencies. And they pull through. But the prize money should be donated in my opinion, because otherwise it’s just basically a beauty contest (except in opposite). Before long BYB’s will have “World’s Ugliest Dog Quality” pups.

Add: SQUIGGY FOR 2008!

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