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Betty asks…

Barking Dog?

I know there have been a lot of questions asked on this topic lately, but I was wondering if anyone had some more input specific to my situation:

About a week and a half ago, we adopted a year-old whippet/dachshund mix. She is very sweet and beautiful, and we love her to pieces. We suspect that she was abused at some point in her life, as she is terrified of EVERYTHING! She barks/growls at every single person she sees.

I know that it is because she is afraid because she will cower if they walk closer, or she will run away. (Or try, because she’s on a leash) What can we do to help her realize that people in general aren’t bad? People are frightened by her because she does this!

I’ve tried the pulling back on the leash and saying ‘No Bark’, but then I just scare the crap out of her and she barks again becasue she is afraid!!! Any input? Should it be something she grows out of? Or will it just take more time? She’s finally very comfortable in our house, so there is progres

Sarah Jones answers:

I recently got a 3 month old puppy and at her vet exam the vet said that dogs who don’t socialize become one of those “crazy yapping old lady dogs who bark at everything and everyone that passes by.” I would like to hope your doggy wasn’t abused but rather didn’t get out much as a puppy. I would suggest taking her out in public as much as possible. Maybe you could start where there are no people. Perhaps a walk in your neighborhood so she can get used to cars and other walkers one at a time. If she goes nuts at everything I would take it one day at a time before you take her to a park. My puppy also barks at everything, including her reflection. When she does I just give a firm “No!” or “Hey!” which is enough to get her attention and distract her from what she was barking at. You can’t expect too much so fast because you haven’t had her for very long. I’ve learned one important thing about getting a new dog. Repetition is the key. Hope this helps. Good Luck!

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