Your Questions About Cute Mutt Puppies

Thomas asks…

Can puppies/cute little mutts be the same mutts if one is so much bigger than the other 5?

I have 6 puppies not a clue who the father/fathers are. Abused rescue mother that was pregnant when I got her. At 4 weeks today one is twice the size as the others. Even has furrier hair. The faces all look the same. The mom looked part Havenese. She had 3 different types of fur. Never seen anything like it in my life. The mother passed away 2 nights ago in my arms. I am thinking about doing DNA testing on one of the puppies. Do puppies at 4 weeks all look the same? I’m clueless here.
I don’t know what happened to her. Nor does the vet. The otopsy was uncertain. DIC, Milk fever. Who knows when she died in my arms I went to lift her up, and blood came pooring out her mouth. She never coughed up any blood only after she died did the blood poor out. Then night before she was at the vet on IV all night. I took her home with antibiotics. I don’t think the bullet in her moved around. Yes I said bullet. She must have been shot when she was a puppy. The wound was healed. We found the bullet in the x-ray when we took one to see how many puppies were inside her. The tail was broken in more than one place. I had to have it removed after she gave birth to the puppies, because she kept attacking it. Down to the bone. It wasn’t safe for the puppies.

Sarah Jones answers:

Puppies can appear like their parents, or any grandparents. Yes,they can have different sires, but they can also just look like any dog in their close ancestry.

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