Your Questions About Chihuahua Terrier Pictures

Mandy asks…

ok on the left is my toy fox terrier, and the right is my long haired chihuahua (picture)?

sorry i didn’t edit it, so i guess my toy fo is on the bottom and chihuahua on top. now what would you call her?? an apple face? doe face? i don’t know. i know that she cost alot of money and i see other chihuahuas and she looks nothing like them and their big bug eyes, like taco bell. and i can’t find any info of her on the internet. so is she the classic chihuahua?? or bred to look cuter??
what the hell???? why do you have to be so negative, that’s for the answers that i didn’t question, and your welcome for the 2 points!!!
ok people ask all the time!!!! we take our dogs to a dog park like 3 times a week to run loose. they are like what she’s a chihuahua?? i mean there is 2 different face shapes just like there are different colors, i was just wondering which one of the 2 she has?? deer, doe, apple, bug?!??!

Sarah Jones answers:

“Deer” type Chihuahuas come from parents that are being over bred, in this case the breeder isn’t trying to breed close to the standard Chihuahua but really just to make money.

Edit: The “deer type” is just a way of describing the psychical appearance….this doesn’t mean it’s a different chihuahua….a chihuahua is a chihuahua but again they loose the standard appearance of a “apple” head chihuahua because the parents are being over bred.

Edit: Only 2 ways to describe appearance is an apple head and deer type….those using “bug”….”doe”…..are just making up names!

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