Your Questions About Bichon Poodle Mix

Laura asks…

Poodle acting weird, please help?

My Poodle went from being it happy self to sickly, slouchy self in a day. All day she has been lying down in situations when she would usually be up and barking, like when someone knocks, or a car comes in the driveway. She is also barely touching her food, even when its her favorite. Also instead of standing up-right, she kind of arcs downward and stares at the floor silently for a short time, before moving in a circle formation.

Here is a list of the symptoms:
-Slow moving
-Loss of appetite
-Sad looking
-Bad posture (Arcing downwards)

The poodles description :
-A poodlebichon-frse mix
-13 Years old
-Mostly active during the day
-Barks a lot
-Always had a small appetite

This has the first time she has acted like this, if you could give me any type of information, it would be very nice. If you need me to be clearer on something, let me know, and I’ll add it into the “More info” area.

Thank you & Happy Thanksgiving

Sarah Jones answers:

Just a bad day, could be arthritis pain or just plain feeling old. After a certain age we all slow down…I know this.IF it continues more than a couple of days see a vet but make the decision before the weekend or the vet closing.

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