Your Questions About Basset Hound Mix Dogs

Susan asks…

Can animal control enter my house? I have too many dogs. I have to find homes 4 Basset hound/ Dachshund mix.?

I live in Kern County. My neighbor hates animals. He compalined that my dogs were out roaming the area and barked at him. This was true only once right in front of me. When animal control came to my house the following day he lied and said that the barking occured in front of two officers. He questioned my 12 yr old son without us present. My son admited that we have six dogs. He later returned and told me I have to eliminate three of my sweet harmless dogs. He’s never seen the dogs, just spoke to me in front of my house. He told me that in thirty days he will return and will need to enter my house and check for extra dogs. He is a new animal control officer and I think he might be making up some of this. Do I have the right to refuse entry, even though I am and will place my dogs in foster homes?

Sarah Jones answers:

They will be able to get a warrant because your son gave them this information. But without a warrant, they cannot legally force their way into your house even though they may bluff. Fourth Amendment even applies to Kern County Animal control even if they have to be reminded of it.

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