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Maria asks…

My dog has aggressive behavior towards our other dog,does anyone have any tips on how to to train her?

She is not aggressive all the time, just sometimes she gets a little out of hand. They are both females. She is a great dog but she can be hand full sometimes. I have a Basenji mix and a jack russell
They are both females, the bigger dog(basenji mix) sometimes attacks the smaller dog(jack russell) to where she hurts her. This usually happens when I’m around, almost like she wants to show off to me. She gets along well with the other dog when my mom or my brother are around. She had lots of problems chewing on stuff. They also don’t know how to share their toys, the bigger dogs gets mad when the little dog wants to play with the sane toy. Stuff like this happens when I’m around. I want her to have a better behavior and I’m not sure of what I should do. It doesn’t happen often.

Sarah Jones answers:

Are you sure your other one isn’t the problem?

I am asking because, well I really cant explain it. Here is the article that explained a lot to me about why other dogs told my dog to back off.

here are all the free articles and I highly recommend any dog owner read them or go to trainers that follow the same philosophy:

I really need to know more about what happens between the dogs. If you dont mind, can you post as much information as you can about their altercations. Be as detailed as possible.

Is the jack russell young or rude (I am not saying that to insult you by any means). If you read the say hi article above you understand what I am saying. I still cant tell much about the altercations. Is there a warning before the dog “hurts” the other dog? Note: Majority of the time there is, no dog just snaps.
If there is, the dog is telling the russell to back off and the russell isnt. And if the dog is giving a warning, the jack russell needs to be told by you to leave the other dog alone. Next time it happens, step in between before the episode escalates. This not only should stop the altercation, it should also signify you as a leader. I would also take the toy away at that time to say that behavior is unacceptable. It seems like the on set of resource guarding. If this is the case, here is a really good article that explains puppy behavior and how they learn:
This explains how the steping inbetween and taking of the resource will establish you as a leader:

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