Your Questions About A Sleeping Destiny

Jenny asks…

Is chapter 2 of my story good? (Part 2)?

Please read part 1 first. Tell me what you think!!!!

At that moment her mum came into the room, her layered, shoulder-length auburn hair bouncing at her shoulders and a cheery smile spread across her rosy face.
“Good morning! You’ve had a long sleep, it’s almost half twelve!” she exclaimed.
“How did I get here?” Destiny asked sleepily.
“Well, I expect you came through the door and climbed into bed,” she said sarcastically before turning more serious, “though I didn’t here you come in last night. Oh well, I suppose I was just in a deep sleep!”
Destiny had a horrible feeling of how she had gotten from the forest to her bed without her knowing. It must have been them. But why?
Throughout that day Destiny was trying to think of a ‘logical explanation’ for what was happening. It was frustrating, knowing that there was no logical explanation.
On Monday at school she couldn’t concentrate on anything. Not her friends, nor her lessons and teachers. All her friends’ words dissolved in her mind before she could grasp the meaning of them. If she could just know the answer to all her questions then she felt sure her mind would be at rest.
In her room that evening she was surprised to see a small, white piece of paper folded and tied with a red ribbon lying on her pillow. It could have been anything, but nothing prepared her for what was written….
Dear Destiny,
This letter will explain the answers to your many questions about us. Before we begin, we are the mysterious figures that seem to appear wherever you go .
Firstly, we need to tell you that you are not human. You are partly vampire but mostly a fallen angel. That is why you will notice that you are often not hungry, because you do not need to eat. You may feel thirsty most of the time and it can’t be quenched with a human drink, only with blood, but try not to because it is very hard to stop once you have started.
Secondly, you may be wondering how we know this. The reason is, though hard to believe, we are your real parents, from when you were alive, of course. Obviously you won’t believe us so to prove that you are adopted look in the top draw of your mother’s chest-of-drawers and you will find a small red box at the bottom that contains a key. In her cupboard at the very back there is a black box. Open it and you will see.
Thirdly, it is very important that you realise you are not just a fallen angel. You are the fallen angel. You have powers beyond imagination but to use them you must sacrifice something. On Saturday you will find out more.
That is all for now.
Emmalyn and Ivan
P.S It felt weird to put ‘mum and dad’, we hope you don’t mind.

After the letter hand slipped through her trembling hands she stood, shaking with fear and confusion. This letter had completely changed her life. She was going to check all the same, when she had recovered. If she recovered.
It took her almost four days to recover. School was pointless. Her brain wasn’t connected to the outside world. Out of sync. Her mind replayed the letter that she had read many times before. It only slowed herself from her already snail-paced working. In maths she only completed two questions out of fifty-five, though almost everyone had moved onto the next challenge. Her break time detention wasn’t even enough for her to complete ten questions. Destiny was losing sleep and her parents were starting to notice.
Saturday came and Destiny decided that she was ready to face her dread before whatever was going to happen later on ( as it said in the letter) would happen.

Sarah Jones answers:

THere are some minor issues that will correct themselves with practice (I hope so anyway for my sake).
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