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Loki the Jack Russell Corgie Mix from North Texas

Hi! My name is Loki and I’m a Jack Russell/corgi mix from the Dallas area. Mommy’s friend found me as a stray, and Mommy knew right away that I was meant to be hers. I’m well-behaved and very friendly. I’ve never met a person I didn’t like (some call me the Ferocious North Texas Lick-Hound). My favorite treat is ice cubes. I wait patiently in the kitchen doorway for them, and then I bring them onto the carpet and let them melt there. It’s fun.


Tank the Corgie Lab Mix from Minnesota

My name is Tank and I’m from St. Cloud, MN. I’m a mix of black lab and corgi. Mommy arranged to buy a purebred corgi from a breeder. She bought toys and bones and everything. But when she went to the breeder to pick the dog up, the breeder had sold the dog to someone else. Mommy was devastated. She went straight to the Humane Society. There I was, sitting quietly in my kennel. It was love at first sight. I reminded her of her childhood dog, but shorter. Much, much shorter. They were calling me Fred, but I was quickly renamed Tank. People say I look like a midget lab, but the vet says I have a lot of classic corgi features. I love to clown around and I’m very friendly. One of my favorite things to do is chase my tail, but I can never get it, so I always give up and go for my leg instead.


Snickers is a one-year-old collie shephards mix from Poughkeepsie, New York.

She was rescued by a shelter in 2005. As a puppy she had a very bad respiratory infection, but was nursed back to health by the vet. Snickers enjoys sleepovers at Grandma’s, playing with her cousins, and watching televised sports. She also answers to “Ma”.

Here I am as a puppy. I look really different than I do now! When I first came home from the shelter, everyone thought I was mostly shepherd.


Herman is a lab/collie mix from Raleigh, North Carolina

He was adopted this year from the Wake County Animal Shelter and given a loving home. (It took him some time to adjust to the two cats that were there first.) Shortly after getting adopted, Herman got to go to a rubber duck race for charity, where he entered his very own duck. Herman has a lot of energy and is an all-around great dog. His dad couldn’t love him more.


Jennifer is a collie mix from Brodheadsville, Pennsylvania

She was adopted from the Waggin’ Tails shelter by a mommy who fell in love with her at first sight. In the beginning she was afraid of people but now she pretty much runs the house. Jennifer is with her mommy at all times and even sleeps right next to her.