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Fox the Basenji Mix from Georgia

My name is Fox and I’m a basenji/shepherd mix from Atlanta, GA. My mom adopted me after I’d been abandoned with a broken hip. But I’m all better now and I can run really fast, especially when Mommy is trying to kiss me in front of other dogs. I don’t want to look like a sissy, you know? I have to protect my two older sisters, my mom, and my grandma.


Bocephus the Lab Mix from Mississppi

My name is Bocephus and I’m a lab mix from Mississippi. I’m also mixed with shepherd and akita on my Mom’s side. Some friends of the family had two dogs that (oops) made some babies. And here I am! I’m still a puppy, but I’m the biggest puppy ever. I follow my Mommy everywhere she goes. My favorite thing to do is play tug-of-war with sticks. I’m a good boy and my family loves me very much.