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Howard the Basset Hound Mix from Illinois

My name is Howard, but you can call me Howie. I am a basset hound/lab mix from Park Ridge, IL. My family went to the shelter looking for a small, female dog – but once they saw my face they had to take me home. Not only am I handsome, but my legs go out in different directions. I have a huge basket full of toys, and I love to chase the fish in the lake, but my favorite thing in the whole world is my Mommy.


Lucy the Basset Hound Mix from California

Hi! I’m Lucy from San Diego, CA. I am 5 months old and growing very fast! I was saved from a yucky pet store, where they told my mom I was a basset hound/lhasa apso mix. (No one really believes that.) I live with my two aunts, who are dachshunds, and I love to play with them. When I’m not playing, I go everywhere with Mommy. People fawn over me and I welcome the attention. But Mommy is my favorite. I give her lots of love and I know she loves me back.


Hannah the Basset Hound Mix from Virginia

Hi there! My name is Hannah and I’m a basset hound/spaniel mix from Reston, VA. I have funny “elephant ballet feet” but I’m okay with that. When I was just a puppy, I was found on the street and taken in by a rescue group. When I went to the vet to get spayed, they found a bullet in my neck! Luckily it didn’t do any permanent damage. The rescue group brought me to a pet expo where I met my new family. Now I have a great life! I get home-cooked food and lots of playtime at the dog park. My mommy is a renowned artist who paints portraits of animals. Her work benefits animal rescue and welfare organizations throughout the U.S. She thinks I’m special. I think she’s pretty special, too.


Cledus the Basset Hound Mix from Montana

Well, hello there! My name is Cledus and I am quite an unusual, but darling, mix. My parents were a full basset hound and a bloodhound/lab mix. I am from Bozeman, MT and I have really funny big ears and front feet. My mom adopted me from the Humane Society when I was about 8 months old and gave me a wonderful home where I am allowed to romp around a big ranch and sniff out everything my heart desires. I’m the happiest dog alive! Nothing ever gets me down and I have a face that can cheer anyone up. I have my own basket of toys and when I play with them, I have to drag all of them out and play with them all. My mom is my best friend and I cuddle up with her all the time on her big bed.


Cooper the Spaniel Mix from New York State

Hi, my name is Cooper and this is my brother, Floyd. I’m a cocker spaniel/basset hound mix and he’s a beagle mix. Our parents adopted him first, when he was just a skinny puppy at the SPCA. Now he’s almost two years old. Mom and Dad were going to wait to adopt another dog, but then I popped up behind the desk at the vet’s office. The doctor was fostering me because I was born without all the bones in my legs (I’m doing great now). So me and Floyd are best buddies, but we’re very different. He’s very high energy and always on alert. I’m more mellow, I just like to chew bones and observe. But I’m lucky I have such a nice big brother!