Tank the Corgie Lab Mix from Minnesota

My name is Tank and I’m from St. Cloud, MN. I’m a mix of black lab and corgi. Mommy arranged to buy a purebred corgi from a breeder. She bought toys and bones and everything. But when she went to the breeder to pick the dog up, the breeder had sold the dog to someone else. Mommy was devastated. She went straight to the Humane Society. There I was, sitting quietly in my kennel. It was love at first sight. I reminded her of her childhood dog, but shorter. Much, much shorter. They were calling me Fred, but I was quickly renamed Tank. People say I look like a midget lab, but the vet says I have a lot of classic corgi features. I love to clown around and I’m very friendly. One of my favorite things to do is chase my tail, but I can never get it, so I always give up and go for my leg instead.

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