Milly the Jack Russell corgi Mix from Australia

G’day folks, my name is Milly. I’m a Jack Russell/corgi mix (some say “jorgi”) from Adelaide, South Australia. My family adopted me from the Sandy Creek Dog Sanctuary when I was six months old. I’ve been to my non-furry sister’s school many times for Show and Tell and like to wait for her at the gate after school. Before she arrives I usually get lots of pats and chats from the rest of the kids on their way home and sometimes I even get to race them across the school oval. Nobody beats me though – not even other dogs. If I’m not running, I’m normally flopped out on my beanbag under Mum’s desk while she makes little tapping noises and slurps coffee at a table that I can’t see the top of. Every now and then she stops to rub my tummy and ruffle my ears and tells me that I’m her best friend. When not running or being the world’s quietest secretary I love chewing big chunks of wood (Dad reckons I’m a furry mulching machine), delicately nibbling grapes than hang low enough for me to reach and giving our three chickens a good sniff.

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