Bear the Shepherd Mix from Georgia...Our 300th luvmutt!

Hi, my name is Bear and I’m a shepherd mix from the northwest suburbs of Atlanta. I live with my mom, dad, and feline older brother. My parents first laid eyes on me during a routine trip to PetSmart to buy kitty treats for His Highness. Dad wanted to take me home instantly, but Mom took some convincing. Once she heard my sob story (I was rescued from a kill shelter at the last minute), I was on my way home with them. These days, I’m a giant, lovable lap dog. I’m a big guy with a fierce bark, but all the neighborhood kids know I’m a big softy.

Editor’s note: We are thrilled to have Bear as the 300th luvmutt to be featured on our site. A big thanks to all of our visitors and supporters for making luvmutt.com a giant showcase of adorable mutts!

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