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Seda the Boxer Mix from Costa Rica

┬íHola! My name is Seda (that’s Spanish for “silk”) and I’m a boxer/whippet puppy from Costa Rica. I came from the Asociacion Humanitaria para la Proteccion Animal de Costa Rica (AHPPA) in San Rafael de Heredia. I love my Mommy very much. I like to sit on her lap, but I am getting too big for that. I made friends with a couple of cats, who like to sleep next to me now. They’re okay, but any vermin who come onto our property better watch out!


Dancer the Boxer Mix Puppy from Arizona

Hello, my name is Dancer, and I am a boxer/whippet mix. I live in Phoenix, AZ. I was found in a neighbor’s backyard. After nobody claimed me, my new owner fell in love with me (can you blame her?) and I love her very much for giving me a new home. I love to run in her big backyard. I am faster than a speeding bullet! When I go out walking, everyone admires me and thinks I am so pretty! I love my extended family and I like it when they visit. I can pull one of the young boys on his RIP board around the block. I have two close dog friends, Joey and Fenway. They come over to play with me, and sometimes I go to their house. We have lots of fun. My closest friend lives in California with my owner’s daughter, and I hope to go visit her this summer and see the ocean for the first time!


Lexi the Beagle Mix from Connecticut

Hi, my name is Lexi and I’m a beagle/pointer/whippet mix from Hebron, CT. I was adopted from the Danbury Animal Welfare Society when I was 2 years old. A few years later, my parents discovered I had shotgun pellets in my back! But you’d never know I had a difficult childhood, because I have a positive attitude. I love agility, and I’m the fastest dog at the dog park because of my long legs. I’m smart, too. When Mommy turns her back, I can scarf up a whole dish of cat food in one lick.