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Bowie the Terrier Dachshund Mix from New Mexico

Hi, my name is Bowie and I’m a terrier/dachshund mix from Albuquerque. Mommy and Daddy already had 3 other dogs when I came along. They went to PetSmart to buy one of the other dogs a birthday present, and there I was, up for adoption. Mommy fell in love with me right away because of my wiry hair and my one blue eye. They call me their “patchwork dog” because I’m so unique-looking. My fur is very adaptable, and Daddy likes to give me makeovers. I’m pretty patient with him, but I’d rather play with my toys.


Loki the Terrier Dachshund Mix from Texas

My name is Loki and I’m a rat terrier/dachshund mix from Austin, TX. I was rescued as a stray and bounced from foster home to foster home until I got adopted by some nice people. A few days later, I ran away and was missing for hours. My people combed the whole neighborhood, and when they got back home, I was sitting on the front doorstep. I was just testing them to see if they really wanted me!


Collier the Corgi Terrier Mix from Georgia

Hi there! My name is Collier and I’m a one-year-old terrier/corgi mix currently passing the time in Atlanta, GA at Atlanta Pet Rescue. I am looking for my forever home. I had heartworm when they found me, but I’m all better now. I am very sweet and outgoing, and I love people. The staff and volunteers at the shelter voted me “Most Likely to Become America’s Next Top Model”. To learn more about me, visit Atlanta Pet Rescue.


Toto the Corgi Terrier Mix from Pennsylvania

Hi, my name is Toto and I’m a 14-year-old terrier mix from Folcroft, PA. They said I was a corgi/poodle mix, but clearly there was something they missed. I’m smart and mischievous, not to mention extremely good-looking. I have tricked my family into believing that I’m senile. It’s their fault they’re too lazy to walk me and I have to walk myself down the street. If they have to chase me, so be it. When I choose to stay home, I am never far from the remote control so I can “accidentally” change the channel. I also know where they keep the candy.


Kona the Corgi Terrier Mix from North Carolina

Hi, my name is Kona and I’m a Jack Russell terrier/corgi mix from Claremont, NC. The call me a co-jack. Last year, Mommy really wanted a dog for Christmas, but Daddy didn’t like that idea. Little did Mommy know that he was going to surprise her with me! Mommy was overwhelmed with happiness. I couldn’t have picked a better family. My favorite thing to do is play ball, especially with soccer and basketballs. I chase after them, barking and growling. I also love to chase birds and squirrels. My family thinks I’m rather funny and I make them laugh all the time. I was the best Christmas present ever!