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Hazel the Dalmatian Staffy Mix from Oregon

Hi, my name is Hazel. I’m a 13-year-old dalmatian/staffy mix from Portland, OR. My parents took me in when I was only 5 weeks old, and they were so protective of me that they made me sleep in their bed. I grew up to be 70 lbs., and I still insist on sleeping on the bed (they actually bought a bigger one to accommodate me). I am very smart and I always tilt my head when people are talking, trying to analyze what they’re saying. They call me the “People Whisperer”. I have my own, pet, too, a terrier mix named Oscar who I love very much. My favorite place to go is the beach. I’m so overjoyed when I get there, I bark with glee the whole time. For an old girl that’s beaten cancer and had her knees replaced, I think I look pretty good!


Zoey the Staffy Mix from Michigan

My name is Zoey and I’m a one-year-old staffy/bulldog mix from Kalamazoo, MI. My Mommy volunteers at the local shelter, and the minute she saw me she wanted to take me home. She was nervous though, because someone else had already signed up to adopt me! But you know what? Those other people never came to get me. So I got to go home with Mommy! I’m a happy girl. I’ve only been with my family for less than a year, but we have so much fun together.