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Bailey the Schnauzer Mix from New York

My name is Bailey and I’m a senior schnauzer/beagle mix from Brooklyn, NY. Even though I’m 13 years old, I still run around the house like crazy when Daddy comes home. I like to play peek-a-boo and I always sneak into the bathroom to steal tissues. I’m a big sleeper, but when I’m awake I’m usually running or jumping on something. My latest trick is jumping onto the coffee table to drink Grandma’s tea.


Snoopy the Schnauzer Mix from Vancouver

My name is Snoopy and I’m a schnauzer mix from Vancouver, BC, Canada. I’m very mellow, unless you put me near water. I don’t like water. Mom and Dad tried to take me¬†canoeing, but I climbed on top of Daddy’s head and stayed there until we capsized. I also don’t like getting water in my beard. I recently got a new little human brother, which is very exciting! When he cries during the night, and Daddy can’t calm him down, I wake up Mommy for reinforcements.