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Floyd the Bichon Mix from New York

My name is Floyd and I’m a bichon/poodle mix from New York City. My previous owner brought me to the pound because she thought I slept too much. The nerve! I do sleep a lot, but I’m also charming and affectionate. I love puppies and kitties and sunshine and…Zzzzzzzzzzzz.


Chucho the Poodle Mix from California

Hola! My name is Chucho (Spanish forĀ mutt) and I’m a poodle/bichon mix from San Diego, CA. I am bilingual, so naturally I’m very smart. I know how to catch, dance, shake, and more. I am always asking for treats (heck, I deserve them) and I love going to the park. I think Mommy and Daddy are the best people ever.