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Leah is a husky/chow mix from Gainesville, Florida

She is one of our treasured “senior” luvmutts. Leah was found on the street and taken in by a local rescue organization. She is loving and devoted, and her favorite things are walks, cuddling, and getting brushed. Mom says, “She’s a great testament to the beauty and sweetness of shelter dogs, and how even a 9-year-old arthritic girl can find a new life and lots of fun!”


Neville the Chihuahua Mix from New York

Hi, my name is Neville and I’m an 11-year-old mutt from Brooklyn, NY. The general consensus is that I’m a mix of chihuahua, corgi, and husky. My legs are only 4 inches long, but I’m an avid hiker. My parents take me upstate to explore the mountain trails all the time. Athletic though I may be, I don’t like walking on hot pavement in the summer, so I travel in Mom’s bicycle basket. I tend to be reserved around strangers, but once I warm up, my oversize personality is barely contained by my little body.


Patch the Husky Mix from Minnesota

Hi there. My name is Patch. I’m a husky/blue heeler mix from Minnesota. I was rescued from a shelter when I was 2 years old. I’m a shy guy, but I come out of my shell under the right circumstances. I enjoy getting brushed, taking walks, and playing with my brother. I also love Frosty Paws doggie ice cream. And I can howl like Tim Allen on Home Improvement