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Milo the Beagle Mix

My name is Milo and I’m a beagle/foxhound mix. Mommy adopted me as a puppy. Now I’m 50 lbs. of solid muscle and hyperactive to boot. I had so much energy that the vet told my mommy to get a second dog for me to play with. Now I have a sister, and that’s a lot of fun, but old habits die hard. My favorite things to do are chew, run, and bark. I can clear most fences and I’ve recently learned that I can jump through window screens. Those things are flimsy! Mommy says I am “a challenge” but she still thinks I’m worth it!


Trixie the Hound Mix Puppy from New York

Hi! My name is Trixie True and I’m a 16-week-old hound mix puppy (beagle, perhaps?) from upstate NY. My mommies adopted me on Christmas Eve from the North Shore Animal League. At first, they named me Gypsy, but then they realized I’m much more of a Trixie. I’m a happy-go-lucky little girl. I love to cuddle, play with my big brother, and of course eat, eat, eat! Unfortunately, my mommies just found out that I am going blind from something called PRA, so they are training me to be an extra good listener. It won’t be hard, though, because I’m really smart. I’m still looking forward to doing all the things that sighted dogs do, like hiking and swimming! I have a very supportive family and everyone loves me so much…I can do anything!